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I'm Sonni Abatta. I spent 15 years working in TV news as an anchor, reporter and even (gasp) a weather person. Now I'm a podcast host and media consultant. In my career I've been nominated multiple times for Emmy Awards, won an AP Award for my reporting interviewed Presidential candidates, reported live from sidelines, and even passed out... er... flew in a fighter jet. My talent and passion is finding good stories and telling them. I hope I can help tell yours.

I’m Rachel Kopczyk, a host, reporter and podcast producer or as it’s called in news, a producer. One day I’m interviewing business mogul Mark Cuban and the next it’s NHL All-Star Sidney Crosby. I produce several successful podcasts including Sonni’s show “We Gotta Talk” and my own podcast “House of Hockey.” With nearly 15 years experience on camera and producing content, some noteworthy credits include “Life Love Shopping” on Oxygen, “The Daily Buzz” on CW, local Fox News affiliates, Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. How do you pronounce my last name? Think Cop-Check.

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