Does My Company Need a Podcast? Why Every Business Can Benefit

Benefits of Podcasting

There are so many podcasts that are currently available–over 4 million, according to some sources–that you as a business owner may be asking, do I really need my own?

The short answer, at least according to us as two storytelling pros is, yes.

Great brands come from great stories, and a podcast can be an amazing way to not only market yourself to new customers who are searching for information about your industry or expertise (don’t forget–podcast episodes are SEO friendly!), but also to help your current customers become more engaged with the products or services you offer.

Think about it: The more you know about a brand, the more likely you are to think of them when you are in need of a product or service that matches their vertical.

That’s where the podcast comes in. Today I want to share with you three reasons why every business can benefit from a podcast, and some possible ways to uniquely tell your company’s story.

There’s a Story Behind Your Business, but Did You Ever Tell It?

The first thing Rachel and I always tell people–when we worked with them in the news industry or whether we’re working with them now as consultants–is that people love a good story.

Maybe your most dedicated customers know the story behind your product, but I promise you, most of them don’t. That’s where the podcast comes in.

Within one episode–or a few!–you can take your customers on a journey and give them the backstory about why you first decided to make the product you’re making, or offer the service you’re currently offering. Hearing that story in your words, with your emotion, helps a customer get to know you, and helps them to think of your company when they need something you offer.

Telling the story behind your brand or company, in your voice, can only help draw more customers in.

Podcast Episodes are SEO Friendly

They say everything lives forever on the internet, and in this case that’s a good thing!

When you get your episodes up and running and titled well, they will start to appear in Google searches for people looking for information on that topic.

I did an episode on Rapid Transformational Therapy 2.5 years ago that is still getting hits–and new clients–for the woman I interviewed. If that’s not testimony to the power of a well-titled, good podcast, I don’t know what is!

Use the Power of Forever to your advantage and get some episodes out there that will help you attract new customers for years to come.

One More Way to Hear from Your Customers

Coupon codes are great to get more business, but what if you could also send out a link to your new podcast episode/s in your next newsletter? You could even ask your customers to send their feedback or questions, and tell them you’ll answer them in the next episode of your podcast?

You’re already reaching your customers with words; adding a podcast gives them one more way to ask you questions right back… and in the process, makes them feel more heard.

There are tons of benefits to having a great podcast. Let us help you figure out your company’s story and help tell it for you.

Reach out through our Contact page, or shoot us an email at to schedule your free 20-minute consult today! Let us help your company grow.

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